The M0 has arrived

The parts for the Feather M0 microphone have arrived from DigiKey. I usually buy direct from Adafruit, but:

  • Adafuit was out of the loose header Feather M0 WiFi
  • DigiKey could get it to me quicker.

Here they are after I unboxed them:

Parts for the M0 Microphone prototype
Clockwise from the top: Feather M0 Wifi, Electret Microphone with amp, DS3231 Real Time clock FeatherWing.

The build should be pretty simple. It’ll look something like:

Fritzing diagram of Feather M0 microphone assembly.
Pretty simple build. Some headers and 4 wires is all it takes.

I already have a first pass at the code done too. We’ll see how it turns out.

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